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We drain your roof not your wallet

Having ice dam issues? Is your roof leaking during winter? Get the affordable help you need from Mullen Construction & Seamless Gutters.

Rely on the team with over 15 years' experience. Call us today.  


Prevent future damage to your roof due to winter's extreme temperatures with deicing cables from Mullen Construction & Seamless Gutters.


By heating the edge of your roof, deicing cables keep your roof ice-free and prevent damage that can occur from repeated freezing and thawing. Have questions about deicing cables or want to get a FREE estimate? Give us a call.

Avoid ice dams

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Protect your roof with de-icing cables

Ice dams can cause major problems for roofs. When ice repeatedly freezes and thaws, a dam is formed that traps water and allows it to move into the shingles and into your home. Get the help you need to prevent this issue today.

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