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Clogged gutters and downspouts can cause a variety of problems and expensive repairs. Avoid these issues with a call to Mullen Construction & Seamless Gutters today.  


If clogged gutters are not resolved quickly, gutters become weighed down with leaves, snow, and more. Once they sag, they will damage fascia as well as your home. Standing water in your gutters can also cause leaks, holes, and weak spots that allow water to enter your home or business.


Repair and clog prevention can be relatively simple, including cleaning, new hangers, pitch adjustment, and other affordable remedies. Get in touch today to find out how we can help.

A variety of clog remedies

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Avoid clogged gutters and expensive repairs

•  New gutters

•  Gutter cleaning

•  Leaf protection

•  Hanger replacement

•  Gutter pitch adjustment

•  FREE estimates

•  Over 15 years' experience

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A: Rain gutters collect the rainwater from your roof. Downspouts, collect and redirect the water to ground drains or areas of your property which has good, safe drainage. Without rain gutters rain water would damage wood fascia boards, rafters and windows or pool at the foundation of your home or splash into your garden or flower beds leaving unsightly stains on you stucco or siding.